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For the last 4 years we have enjoyed visiting Roy Meyer at his Paw Paw Home office, and we always leave purchasing products for our South Haven home. We love and enjoy every piece that sits in our yard from Meyer’s Wood Products!! We know that all the products Roy and Chad sell are solid, and custom-made, high quality that you won’t find elsewhere. We also love the fact that all products are made here in the USA!!

Sarah H.

Best customer relationships are built here. Shed is the highest quality and very sound construction. Just wish I had ordered a ramp; my old rotting one was on 2×4 laid flat and this is so much higher off the ground.

Kenneth R.

Amazing customer service and first rate products. I’m so in love with our “cute shed” as it was referred to during the ordering process. I appreciated the way that Chad took the time to listen to what we said we wanted and helped us find what was ideal for our needs. His knowledge of the business and Meyer products really helped us narrow down what worked best for our needs. He kept the peace and found balance between what my husband and I were looking for. We couldn’t be happier with the finished product and I would definitely recommend this company.

Christy P.

This company was a pleasure to work with from the first phone call (the gals that answers the phone is wonderful) to a quick build turn-around and delivery. I hadn’t thought to tell them the dimensions of my back yard gate and guess what? It was too small! They made Plan B work for everyone and my shed was in place in no time. They were courteous, hardworking and took pride in what they were doing. Thank YOU!

Katie E.

23 years ago, my late husband and I needed to purchase a deck with stairs for our new home in the country in Hartford. Four months ago, that house was sold and the two (one more was purchased from Meyer at a later date) decks are still being used. My current husband and I needed new entrance and side door steps with decks for our new home in Bridgman. We went to Meyer Wood. Eleven days later, we have those installed at our home. They are wonderful and we are so proud of them. Just can’t say enough about Roy and his staff for making this happen so quickly. Thank you, Roy. You continue to offer excellent products and service.

Sharyn R.

I had to special order a run-in for my mini horses. It was something Meyer had never done. But, Roy was willing to take on the challenge. I was told it would be a week before it would be done. I ordered on Saturday. It was done and delivered Tuesday….less than two business days! I can’t say enough good about their customer service. I’m thrilled with my little shed. I am a customer for life! Thank you.

Sheri L.

Love the great products from Meyer Wood Products!! Awesome Customer friendly service, and high quality products guaranteed!! Roy and Chad are fun to work with too! Made in the USA to boot!!

Sarah T.

A top notch place to purchase your storage barns and yard furniture. Built right and quality driven! Great people to work with and with 37 years in business, it’s apparent they know what they are doing and Doing It Right!

Tyna S.

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