Confidently Dock Your Dream Boat

Our rolling docks are made to last!

Are you tired of hauling your boat around? Would you like your driveway parking space back? Come to the Meyer Wood display lot in Paw Paw, MI to speak with our professional builders about a custom boat dock that will have you prepared for any spontaneous lake day! Not to mention, having a custom boat dock is an extension of your waterfront property making it even more valuable.

Lounge on the water after a stressful week

You're ready to relax when Friday hits. Unwind on the water with a Meyer Wood vinyl or wood raft. You'll be able to float, swim and have fun with family and friends. Our rafts often come with a ladder attachment for ease of access. Some rafts even have protective compartments for watertight storage. Ramp up your relaxation game with a Meyer Wood raft.

Call 269-657-3450 for more information about our boat dock and lift inventories.