Our sheds are built in the workshop and delivered to you fully assembled.  A truck and flatbed trailer are used to bring in your new shed.  The truck needs to have access to the location where the shed is going to be placed.  Once the delivery crew gets back to your site the shed is rolled of the tilt bed trailer onto the pad.  The delivery crew will line up the shed to get it placed in the correct spot on the pad.  Furthermore, they can line up the shed so it is straight with the features you want it to match with.  

A couple things to think about for a shed delivery.  Are there any fences or obstacles that the delivery crew will need to miss along the path back to where the shed will be placed?  When going straight through and obstacle a minimum of an extra 2 feet to the shed width is needed for the truck to pass.  Are there any branches or wires that might be too low to get under?  The peak of the shed will be about 14 feet high when coming in on the trailer.  

Unsure if it would be possible to get a shed into your backyard.  We can give you some guidance from pictures of your backyard or we can come do a site check to determine if it is possible to get a shed to where you would like and what size can fit.

We have delivery available for docks, furniture, and playsets.  Please contact us for delivery availability on those items to your location.

Delivery costs are determined by the product to be delivered and the distance to your delivery site.  Please contact us for a delivery quote on the products you are looking for.

Get a quote for delivery.